16 shades
8 shades
4 shades

What is this all about?!

If you are wondering why this page even exists, the answer is rather simple - because it can be useful to someone, like it was useful for me. One day I was in need to make a 16 step color ramp for my art, and I found quite a lot of them used in sprites, ripped from 8bit and 16bit games. But I wanted to be able to make my own prety fast, so after a couple of hours this page was born. So now you can make your own 16, 8 or 4 step color ramps for your needs.

Cool. Anybody else?

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Terms of use

This is a completely freeware online tool made by kaytrance. If you are a pixel artist, or any other kind of artist, you are 100% encouraged to use this tool for any kind of color designing activity you imagine. Attribution is highy welcomed, but not necessary.

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