Hosted projects

typWrittr logo

typWrittr is unique text editor, designed specially for writers. In the core of typWrittr lies a concept of inspirational presets - a unique technique designed to give extra inspiration for writer by removing any unnecessary UI from screen (distraction-free mode) and placing an inspirational image on background.

Also typWrittr features:

  • high customizability with 100+ presets
  • cloud-based storage
  • strong file and connection security
  • distraction-free concept
  • fun to use!
Color Ramp Creator

The idea to make Color Ramp Creator came to me back in year 2012 when I was looking into making my own game. I needed a tool to make palette having some old-style 8bit feeling in the colors. Unfortunately there were no any such tools on the internet, so I have created my own. With it you can create and preview resulting palette on the fly by dragging parameter sliders, and choose from 16-shaded palette down to 4-shaded. Also, by copy/pasting url you can share the palette you have created.

Noticeable features include:

  • instant preview
  • inspirational retro look
  • big control sliders
  • palette sharing URL
  • tone shifting and color vibrancy

Other small projects

angband live logo

Play angband and 20+ variants online!

game list

Mostly retro game list that I loved to play, with my ratings.

chatiko image

Online private chat service

picture of me

I am 100% tech geek, perfectionist and JavaScript guru. Love to play games and listen to music. Highly addicted to all science-related topics, trying to stay in focus with latest technology.

Currently I work full-time as Software Developer in an international telecommunication company on a "Big Data" project.

In my free time I like to make some fun projects, some of them are listed here. Recently I have started to learn PHASER - desktop and mobile HTML5 game framework and Godot game engine.

About me

Front End
Frameworks (React+Redux, Vue), Essentials (HTML, CSS/SASS/LESS/Stylus), Templating (Jade/pug, EJS)
Back End
Node.js (Babel, Grunt/Gulp, Mocha, Webpack), Golang, Docker, etc.
Mongodb, *SQL, Druid, Redis, Prometheus, etc.
Other related
Bash, git, Linux, ZX-Spectrum ;)